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10 Tips to Improve Fitness Health


Here are ten tips to improve your fitness health. Even athletes who are incredibly fit may not be really healthy. They often tread a fine line between health and illness or injury.

1)Listen to your body. As you are training it is easy to become preoccupied with the repetitions you are doing, or the time you’ve been exercising. Leave your watch at home and slow down or walk when your body hurts.

2)To improve your fitness health you need to eat a varied diet. Five fruit and vegetables a day should be your minimum target. Your health will improve if you eat at least five different kinds of fruit, then any vegetables will be a bonus.

3)Take a complete day off from exercise every once in a while. It doesn’t have to be every week, but doing extra training when you are tired may have a detrimental effect on your health and fitness. You become fitter and healthier through rest as much as exercise.

4)Limit the number of supplements you take. Adequate amounts can in fact be absorbed by modifying the diet without the risks involved by taking a dietary supplement. Consult a professional dietician. Many sprinters and power athletes, for example, take creatine supplements because it gives them a legal edge. There is a risk, though, as it is possible that they have been contaminated by banned substances. This is a risk to your fitness health, and a risk financially if you are a professional athlete.

5)Your health will improve if you minimize the number of tablets that you take. Paracetamol may seem okay, but you will be surprised how often a headache can be cured by drinking water, having something to eat or sitting in a quiet room.

6)You will improve your health and fitness by stretching more. Your muscles get shorter through exercise, and if you never stretch you will get injured. One method is to warm up slowly first, then spend several minutes stretching before the main workout. Stretch thoroughly after exercise as well.

7)You need to stay hydrated if you are exercising more. This means drinking water and sports drinks if you are sweating a lot. You lose minerals in your body while sweating. It is recommended to drink five glasses of water a day, but if you are working out you need to drink more than this. Don’t get carried away, though, because it can be just as dangerous to drink too much as too little.

8)Exercise with other people. You will meet new friends, and your fitness will improve if you have other people to motivate you.

9)Don’t become too competitive as this may harm your health. Motivation from other people is good, but you should only compete against yourself. Try too hard to keep up with someone else, and you could become injured.

10)Have fun! Your health and fitness will improve if you are having fun because you will stick to your exercise program.