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Why Is Japan a Unique Travel Destination?


Japan may be one the smallest countries in the world, however, it is has a lot to offer to its visitors and tourists, especially when it comes to its unique culture and civilization. When travelling with Japanese visa to this country, there are a variety of experiences one can take back after the completion of the journey. In this article, we give you reasons why this country makes for a unique travel destination for visitors from abroad.

Bath houses

This country is famous for its various bath houses. These bath houses range from natural to manmade and cater to single genders, mix groups and families. Visitors, who travel to this country on a Japanese Visa cannot complete the trip without taking a dip in this soothing and relaxing water which is a popular pastime for the locals depending on the location and weather. However, there are several interesting offers in certain parts of the country. If you travel to the city of Jigokudani, it is a common sight to see the local snow monkeys also known as Japanese Macaque monkeys soaking in the hot water, especially during the cold winter seasons. If soaking along these primates is not unique enough, you can always travel to the Yunessun Spa Resort where visitors can soak in choices of tubs or pools filled with green tea, coffee water, ramen soup or even wine.


As the country comprises of an archipelago, each of these islands have a unique ecosystem and nature that has attracted a lot of visitors from around the world especially those travelling with a Japanese visa. Each of these natural and isolated islands presents a perfect opportunity to walk amongst the natural and untouched beauty which is iconicly known to the country. However, a few islands are popularly known for its uniqueness like the island of Tashirojimawhich is over run by cats that live amongst the residents. These cats are treated with respect that one would offer to royalty by the local residents and is not unusual to see them wandering along the streets in large clowders.


In this country, it is not uncommon to spot a shrine in every nook and corner of the major cities, especially in the city of Kyoto. These shrines are dedicated to several mystical beings which are worshipped in the local religion. These shrines have been built over thousands of years and have been regularly replaced and maintained by followers. These shrines are home to several sacred objects which are worshipped by followers. However, some unique shrines like the shrine of AwashimaJinja is dedicated to dolls, where it is believed the ghost of the abandon dolls will haunt the owners if they are disposed. Thus these dolls are preserved in these shrines to ward off evil spirits that might harm human lives. As each shrine has a special day that is dedicated to them so do these special shrines. On these special days, a variety of rituals and worshipping takes place where followers take part in the events.