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History and Travel Destinations in France


Travellers on their way to France can witness many exotic monuments. It is barely surprising that the city, which is renowned to the world for being home to the spectacular Eiffel Tower, will also give to its tourists a peek at some of the best monuments in the world. For a Paris visitor, the city of monuments, history is not a theme that is destined to be read in books it is authentic, almost as real as the present.

The chapter of France travel can be read and visualized in forms of monuments. The city itself, though intended as early as 1853, is based on a kind of pattern that positions streets and boulevards in such a way that almost all of them lead easily to the countless monuments that reveal both the Parisian culture as well as the city’s abounding history. The long and impressive inventory of Parisian monuments, mandatory to France travel, includes some of the best known examples of the architecture of the world of all ages and all periods like the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, and Notre Dame Cathedral. Many of these monuments ask for a nominal rate for visiting them, a charge that can appear quite large to students and travellers on limited funds. In order to solve this setback, a number of organizations, both governmental as well as private offer a kind of system, which involves a card that can be availed at a special price. For any one interested in France travel, obtaining this card from locations smearing all around the city as well as the Paris Tourist Office at 127, avenue des Champs-Elyses is simple. The tourist can tour a number of monuments located in and around Paris.

Amazingly the architectural masterpiece to which Paris owes today a large part of its fame as a world-renowned tourist destination and a glory of France travel, faced a large portion of critique at the time of its foundation. A large number of the Parisian intellectuals protested against the extreme misuse of national funds that were required for building the monument. This trait of mass protest was also seen during the building of the more contemporary Pompidou Centre, another milestone of France travel that was begun in 1968. Whether it is an example of modernistic architectural patterns or a kind of tryst with the vast historical wealth of the country, Paris has it all to make France travel significant and one of its kind. A good example of the amalgamation of the different kinds of architectural patterns is the monument Notre Dame, which showcases gothic architectural styles to perfection. Besides this, ornamental styles of designing can also be found in the French city of Versailles that is home to the legendary or perhaps, even the notorious Palace Of Versailles.

The palace, prominent in history as the mark of the unfair and wasteful expenditure of the French monarchy that was of major root of the French revolution, is a must see for all tourists heading to travel to Paris. Besides these, the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel, Arc de Triomphe de l’Etoile, Arc de Triomphe de la Porte St-Denis are important monuments that have witnessed historical events in French history and have played their part in shaping the chronicle of the world as a whole.