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Online advertising – the buzzword of business marketing


The online mantra is no longer a mass-ranting, it’s the exclusive medium with wider dimensions to meet your business requirements (could be anything as product selling, customer care or online advertising). ‘Online’ or ‘web-based’ reverberates with an intensity equivalent to global voice. Which means to say, that the online dimension is not just a virtual space but an elaborate platform which more than simulates and accommodates real-time scenarios.

Take online advertising for instance. What translates your business language into sales and revenue is the talk of advertising. Your product or service takes off only on the wings of advertising because apart from being an eye-catcher, the bearing of your product and performance is packaged through words and visuals in the powerful ad technique of the online medium.

Advertising is a critical business tool to ensure that the end product meets its target- the customer. So what drives online advertising? The basic outline of designing the ad either for the product, service or business remains the same, but the mode and medium differs. To illustrate further, the norms and niceties of presenting on the internet if not starkly different from the real-world, is somewhat different. You do have a team of designers/artists/visualizers equipped with web-design know-how; (right from the colors to design techniques to visuals). Your copywriters, whose writing skills adapt to the online scenario (short and quick communication is the catch-phrase of online marketing). The canvas here is the web-enabled devices from desktop to laptop, iPad, or iPhone. So when you talk of online banners, your visualization should be within the boundary of what your web-enabled devices permit.

Advertising online has a wide scope and greater reach ability than the traditional mode and medium. As the marketing you are doing is web-based, there are a lot of applications and tools available on the web, through which you can promote/market your product. And, the internet connectivity transcends time-zones and geographical boundaries congregating the global land-mass into one wide network, accessible anytime, anywhere.

There are different types such as email advertising, affiliate marketing which uses a huge chunk of small websites to market ( as done the popular Amazon.com), contextual advertising where ads get displayed depending upon the keyword search pertaining to images or texts behavioral advertising (tracing and tracking user’s consistent behavior with respect to clicking on specific ad types), semantic advertising (where the home/index page of any site in the context of the content gets targeted by potential ads as for instance in Google Adsense).

Online advertisements also come in varying shapes and sizes some such as: floating ads moving across the user-screens; expanding ads, changing size and changing content of the web-page; polite ad, where large-ad break-ups get downloaded without disrupting what the user is viewing; wallpaper ad, changing background of the web-page being viewed; pop-ups, video ad with video clips, map ad, mobile ad through SMS; interstitial ad where a full-page ad appears in transit before navigating to the intended destination of the user.

Apart from these, exploiting the web-potential in breadth and depth, marketing as the parent of advertising is tapping the potential of search engine marketing and search engine optimization, where keyword (popularly used words pertaining to a product/service/business) rich content in the web-content in websites, blog-writing, web-articles, are gaining grounds. Social media such as social networking sites (facebook, twitter) are also being used as effective marketing tools.

If you intend marketing or advertising a newly released product you could post articles or blogs on the same in web-spaces that are high-visibility targets for search engines.

The online advertising market is mediated through top notch vendors such as Google, yahoo market search, MSN, AOL.

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This is in-addition to fortifying your business and branding requirements with our online advertising techniques.

So give your business a shot in the arm by exploring with us the web-space presenting a galaxy of advertising avenues.