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The Celebrity Boho Fashion Style: Understanding the Trend


Among the latest in women’s fashion trend today is getting the boho chic look, which means ignoring the usual standards of fashion and indulging self in a different unique style. It is more about expressing one self and being creative in mixing layers and colors to make a new look. Many find dressing in boho fashion a bit daunting that there are those who overdone it and end up looking fake. Boho style is actually all about being natural and showing off your personal style. The following steps will help you understand the bohemian sense of style and fashion better.

Go for natural, warm, rich and EARTHY hues such as brown, deep green, black, cream white and khaki. Though not everyone suits the boho color, you can always mix and match which hues you think will look great for you the most. If you wish to go for something bright, make sure it is only one clothing article. You may also consider wearing neutral tones to adjust the temperature of the other existing colors. This might be also the safest bet when picking up a color to wear.

Layers and Patterns
Layering plays an important role in boho fashion. The idea is to combine and mix different patterns or clothes with each other. Wear a basic top paired with an oversized cardigan and a big paisley shawl on top of it, layered with some jewelry and a chic bag, for instance. Boho clothing like harem pants, tunics, gypsy skirts, long flowy dresses and lose embroidered tops are a good choice for layering clothes as well. Just make sure that you do not overdo it. Balance is the key to get to get a perfect look.

Accessories are €must-have€ piece of items when it comes to getting the look. Yes, every details count, and so you should be able to wear one that can transform your simple look to an extraordinary one. Boho fashion doesn’t have to be expensive, you won’t really need to purchase designer brands. As long as you can create a statement and that people will notice or even comment, that’s good enough. Your accessories may include wearing bags, ethnic embroidered scarf, gold and layered necklace, multiple bangle bracelets, simple headbands, thick belts, heavy earrings and so much more.

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