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K-Pop Rules the World of Korean Fashion


K-Pop has become synonymous with Korean culture over the years. Riding on the popularity wave of catchy songs and handsome stars, K-pop has also made a strong place in the world of Korean fashion. So much so, that you cannot help but talk about K-pop when the topic is Korean celebrity style.

So what is it that makes the K-Pop culture tick? Some would say it’s their unabashed blurring of gender lines that has made them heartthrobs. Men splurge on beauty products, wear bright colours and floral prints and are not afraid of the liquid liner. Women model menswear, looking so slick in denim shirts, dusters and loose black trousers that one could never guess they are modelling menswear.
We take a look at the top K-pop trends.

Monochrome basics: We all have that neglected piece of top, sweater, skirt or blazer in our closet. With the popularity of K-pop fashion, we now know that these items can be easily upgraded to make eye-catching style statements. A t-shirt in solid colour that one would otherwise wear as undergarments can be worn with a maxi skirt or a simple circle skirt to ride the K-pop wave.

Florals, graphics and stripes: K-pop stars are not afraid of experimenting. They aren’t afraid of colour or bold prints or quirky designs. So while you’d never mix floral prints and stripes, or shy away from wearing animal prints with plaid, nothing is impossible for them. You can find classic skinny pants in floral or paisley prints and jackets in bold graphic prints by leading brands like Zara and Forever 21. The K-pop phenomenon has taken over the fashion scene and how!

Metallics: From clothes to make-up, the metallic trend is everywhere. If you are looking for some shimmer and shine to beat the winter blues, look no further than some gold nail polish or a shimmery silver dress. While metallics had always existed in the world of fashion, K-pop has revived it to spectacular heights. From demure to daring, metallic fashion suits all and is surely here to stay.

Military accents: One of the most popular K-pop fashion trends, military accents can be incorporated into everyday outfits. If you don’t want to go for a full out military inspired attire, then try adding military accents with jackets or hats. They look cute and make you stand out from the crowd.

K-pop isn’t just limited to everyday fashion. They have taken runways by storm too. From K-pop star G-Dragon, who has collaborated with Nicola Formichetti, to the SHINee boys, with their signature style, have been pioneering gender neutral fashion. Fashions moguls like Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs have borrowed heavily from the stripes trend and incorporated it into their designs that have been showcased at the Singapore Fashion Week (better known as FIDE Fashion Week). And that’s not all. K-pop star Rain has reportedly had quite a presence at major fashion shows.

K-Pop fashion is here to rule the runways and the wardrobes. Love it or hate it, you simply can’t ignore it!