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The article provides information about the most reliable laptops available in the market in short. The facts presented below should give an idea as to which laptop products perform well. There are many different brands of laptops available in the market. With the development in technology, newer features are offered by makers of these laptops. Choosing the most reliable laptop amongst these can however, be difficult. The makers like Toshiba, Asus and Sony are considered to be the best in delivering quality
laptop products.

Best Laptop Computers

The failure rates for laptops made by Toshiba, Asus, Sony and Apple is much lesser than that of HP, Acer, Gateway and Lenovo. Durability and reliability are the most important qualities for any device. After all, the customer should get his money’s worth. Moreover, laptops are subject to greater abuse from users in comparison to desktops. This is the reason behind people on a look out for the best laptops. ‘Square Trade’ a warranty company assesses laptops on the basis of quality. The study carried out by this company reveals that Toshiba fares better than many other brands. Findings of the study conducted by this company are presented below. This information should prove to be useful. The laptop buying guide should also be of some help.

Toshiba and Asus are companies that produce reliable laptops than any other manufacturer. The percentage of malfunction that occurs in these products is less than 16%. According to this study, 31% laptops show malfunctions in the first 3 years of ownership. Hardware malfunctions account for two-third of these problems. The rest are caused by accidental damage. It has also been observed that netbooks are more prone to damage than laptops. The failure rate projected for netbooks is 20% higher than that of laptops. Toshiba Satellite L505-GS5035: This laptop from Toshiba is armed with an Intel Core i3 processor and provides the benefit of more processing power. The RAM is 4 GB, while the hard drive disk capacity is 320 GB; all these features make this product as one of the best rated laptops in the market. Multimedia applications can be used without any problem on the Toshiba Satellite L505-GS5035. Besides being reliable, this Toshiba laptop is also attractive in appearance. Unlike the earlier matte, this laptop has a keyboard with a glossy appearance. This laptop is designed for professional users and businessmen. The appearance is therefore decent but not very flashy. This laptop also comes with an ergonomic layout which makes it comfortable to use. The laptop is therefore, suitable for prolonged usage. A good battery life is also one of the advantages offered by this laptop. This feature is important from the point of those who travel frequently. Apple computers produce laptops that are reliable but highly priced. Toshiba

delivers an equally good performance at a much lower price tag. This laptop is priced at $699. The overall performance makes Toshiba Satellite L505-GS5035 the most reliable laptop, 2010. Toshiba is therefore, one of the best laptop brands in terms of reliability.

Asus Laptops: The quality of motherboard, CPU and RAM should be enough to rank Asus laptops at the top in terms of reliability. The XG station of Asus computers makes use of a 7900GS graphics card; this feature combined with a standard CPU provides great stability for Asus laptops. The DDR2 SDRAM too delivers great performance. It is also because of this worthy/quality system that Asus laptops are priced a bit higher than other systems. One should therefore, rely on these computer systems for a better performance. One can therefore, hope to purchase the best laptop for the money with Asus to tag along with it.

Consumers need to think about reliability and performance more than other features offered by the manufacturer. There is every possibility of a laptop computer getting damaged within a period of 3 years. So why not choose a laptop with lesser malfunction reports. If a person is more inclined to having a machine that delivers without many problems, Toshiba and Asus are the options to considers.
Choosing hard drive disks for laptops that are reliable proves to be important. Amongst the reliable products the following are important ones: Apricorn 80GB Internal Notebook Hard Drive, IBM Laptop Hard Drive (60GB) and Fujitsu Hard Drive (80GB). These are amongst the most reliable hard drive products available in the market. The laptop buying checklist should also prove to be useful for prospective laptop buyers.