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Dressing Up Your Baby Girl in Celebrity Fashion with Sweet Pea Boutiqu


When I was younger, I have always been fascinated with dolls. We would always dress our dolls in the latest fashion including the bags, shoes and accessories. Growing up, I also had a liking for clothes and fashion. By the time I have my own baby girl; I’m looking forward to making her my life-size doll and dress her up according to the latest baby girl trends. That little girl in me hasn’t left so I searched for boutiques and online stores which offer boys and girls baby clothes. I also searched the internet for celebrity babies with styles that I like.

Celebrity Kids With Style

Here are the top 3 celebrity kids which styles I find adorable.

Suri Cruise

Suri is Katie and Tom Cruise’s baby girl. She looks so trendy but still childlike. She is also very pretty and delicate. Most of her clothes are very age appropriate.I have learned that her parents let her choose her own clothes and they’re mostly girly girl pieces. I think that she’ll be on the best-dressed list when she grows up and would definitely be a trendsetter.

Violet Affleck

Violet, daughter of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, is one little princess that has a quirky and fun sense of style. She sports out colourful items that complements her really well. I guess, even women will be a bit jealous on how good little Violet carries her clothes. I especially remember her pink rimmed eyewear which screams cute!

Shiloh Jolie Pitt

Although I’m not a big fan of her mommy Angelina, I really think that Shiloh is one of the most adorable celebrity kids. Her eyes are beautiful and her face is very interesting to look at. Every time I see photos of her, I get the impression that she’s a very confident woman trapped in a little girl’s body. It reflects to her choice of clothes. She’s more into jeans and shirts and not so much on girly girl dresses and blouses. Her fashion style is comfortable and androgynous.

I browsed through their pictures and looked for the clothes that they’re wearing, and expectedly, they cost quite a lot of money. However, I found sites which have reasonable priced clothes. Mommies out there can pull off a look-for-less by making these celebrity babies as preference. I found a website that sells Sweet Pea baby clothes which are exactly what I need. They have a lot of clothes to choose from and they offer free shipping when your order is over a hundred dollars. Try to visit this site and make your babies as fashionable as the baby celebrities I’ve mentioned!