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Smartphones And The Next Generation


I can remember 25years ago watching the movie ‘Wall Street’ starring Michael Douglas and Charlie Sheen. There was a scene where Kirk Douglas was talking on one of the earlier mobile phones known as ‘The Brick’ and boy… what a fitting name to call it!. I mean, seriously… compared to the cell phones today, it sure looked and felt like holding a brick in your hands!.

Thankfully, that was over two decades ago… and cellphones today are more smaller, lighter, diverse, innovative and more intellegent than their predecessors of old. So where are cellphones heading?. With the ever changing influx of advanced computer technology, it is quite simple to say that the sky is the limit!. No longer labeled as ‘The Brick’ anymore… the new cell phones today are more appropriately labeled… ‘Smartphones’.

The Benefits of Smartphones:
1. Full Internet Browsing: While the standard cell phone has email capabilities, smartphones have full browser functionality. You can surf anywhere on the net, interact on your favourite social media websites, conduct instant online banking, book airline tickets, hotel accommodation, purchase items from the other side of the world and have it delivered right to your door. Anything you could do on your desktop computer via the internet, you can more or less do on your smartphone!.

2. Tele/Video Communication: It is amazing at how much the simple telephone has evolved over the past forty years. The insight of one day being able to talk to a person from another country and actually see them at the same time has now become an actual reality. Smartphones not only have the capabililty of video communication, but also video conferencing with multiple people instantaneously!. Being in contact with family, friends and business associates all in one call is truly
amazing and a time-saving blessing in disguise.

3. App Capabilities: Web applications have revolutionised the way we use computer technology. The diversity that apps gives us is unmeasurable. From finding the nearest restaurant, reading the latest thriller novel via ebook, to keeping in tabs with an auction listing you have on Ebay, web applications has connected our needs to another level, whereby all we need now is a smartphone to cater for our ever growing need for instant digital information right at our fingertips!

There are a wide range of smartphones that are available now, so much so that it merely comes down to you, your taste of style… your budget and what you are looking for in a smartphone. Maybe it’s the operating system of a smartphone that appeals to you most, or perhaps you would prefer the hardware that a certain smartphone has to offer…

Smartphones are more diverse and are worlds apart from the mobile phones two decades ago. But whatever mobile phone that may take your fancy, I can guarantee you this… it won’t be looking and feeling like a brick any more!.