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Exploring Some Smart Features of Top SmartPhones


With the petrifying competition in mobile phone market, the mobile companies are letting no stone unturned to convince targeted customers to be in the list of top smartphones. The revolutionary smart phones allow consumers not only to communicate better but also to organize their life in much better way. In the present article, we have explored some high in demand features of a smartphone mobile.

Operating System to Run Smart Applications

Typically, all top smartphones are based on an operating system that allows them to run various applications and to manage all complicated tasks. Basically, an operating system has direct control of the hardware that smart applications are run on to. There are different operating systems for different smart mobilephone devices. For instance, Apple’s iPhone runs the iOS, BlackBerry smart phones run the BlackBerry OS, LG smart phones runs the Google’s Android OS etc.

Office Apps

Internet has made your office work easy and smart phones have made it easier. These smart phones work well with with Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. Many smartphones allow users to create and edit Microsoft Office documents and also to view and share them with your colleagues or group of people. Editing is also a recent feature added to top smartphones to increase their utility for those buying them for office tasks.

Business Apps

New top smartphone devices are adorned with many business friendly applications to make it great choice for business men. These phones have applications such as GPS, word processing applications, spreadsheets and PDF readers etc. that makes them helpful in completing many tasks. These devices can also be configured to communicate with organization’s server so that users can send and receive all work through email.

Entertainment Apps

Large number of top smartphone buyers buy these phones for their smart entertainment features. These phones are generally power packed with entertainment apps such as MP3 player, video, one-shot camera. Users can enjoy their favorite music as well as download, transfer and sync music play lists from other devices through their smart phones. They can also capture, upload and share videos and photos over their smart phones. Recent researches have shown that social networking is one of the most popular application for smart phones. Many social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc. come preloaded with top smartphones. Thus, smart phone makes social networking more easier and enjoyable for its users.

Communication Apps

Smartphone mobile has made communication easy, instant and effective. These phones get easily synchronized with chat messengers such as Skype to enrich your communication. You can access all Skype communication features such as free video calling, Skype-to-Skype voice calling, instant messaging, text, and voicemail online and can save many bucks on long distance communication. Apart from it, users can instantly access the web and go to their favorite websites.

Thus, when it comes to smartphone mobile features, choice is not the limit for consumers. These phones are adorned with an array of features such as touch screen with a QWERTY, Microsoft mobile apps, free GPS navigation, real-time emails and much more. The more features and applications you need, the more money you have to spend to own smart mobile phone.