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Health, Fitness and Good Shape – Your Choice


There are so many diets that come and go in popularity. People swear by one and downgrade another. A new popular diet book is out every month or so with some new combination of foods guaranteed to make one thin. People who have been trying to lose weight for years often get on the bandwagon, lose their weight and in one year most of the weight returns.

This is an old story known by most of us. What can be done to get rid of this constant yo yo syndrome?

Most people eat whatever they want most of the time, and are careful and eat healthy food a small percentage of the time. The people who are slender and trim eat healthy with consideration to fat and calories most of the time, and have treats a small percentage of the time. One of the main reasons for making healthy choices is that the food you select is not addictive or trigger you to eating more. You will probably eat healthy salads, low fat protein choices and stop before you feel full. When eating cakes, candy, fast food items you will eat more and more until you are full. As for sugar it has addictive qualities, which creates one eating way too much. Often the addiction carries over until the next day. I have personally woken up the next day after indulging in something very sweet and want more sugar.

Vegetables are probably your best choice for keeping weight off, and for getting lots of vitamins and minerals. This makes for good nutrition and ensuring your health. Having them available and cut up makes it really easy to make that wise choice.

I had personally gained quite a bit of weight when I returned from college. My mother put me on a diet and drove me to the gym. I lost the fifteen pounds with a promise to myself to never gain weight again. I thought dieting was absolute torture. Actually I did gain weight twice having two babies. I kept the promise to myself and still wear the very same size as I did when I was 18. What keeps me thin? It still is the thought of going on a diet again that keeps me in line.

After all these years I do not even have to get on a scale, as I know how much I can eat without gaining weight. If I have done a lot of exercising I know I can pretty much eat what I want. If it was a no exercise day I cut back. The thought of going shopping and buying clothes a size larger does not appeal to me. It is really about personal commitment and your desire to look good in your clothes and be healthy. So look in the mirror and make the decision either to lose some weight or stay the same. Try to stop looking for the perfect diet and start making wise selections of food. Eat only when you are hungry.