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Funny Gifts That’ll Tickle Their Funny Bone


If there is one thing universal to humans, we all enjoy a good laugh. Comedy and having fun is a large part of our culture and is one thing that brings together families and friends. Laughter is also mooted as the cure for all sorts of ills and not just for the uplifting psychological effect it has on people. Gift giving is, or at least should be; a time for fun and levity and as such you will more than likely want to give someone you know has a sense of humour funny gifts. In truth, a lot of the time funny gifts will be remembered a lot longer than some other gifts, due to their hilarious nature. So, allow me to sketch out a few funny gift ideas that might suit you or at least give you some inspiration as to what you might be getting to make someone laugh soon.

For starters and it is not often that I can claim this outrageous claim, I can solve one of the most perplexing philosophical issues that we, as a human race, have grappled with for eons; what do you get someone who has everything? OK, it might not actually be a massive philosophical problem, but more the answer to a joke you’re probably saying in your head right now – nothing. To raise a laugh, you can actually buy someone “Nothing”, a ball of nothingness. This is ideal among funny gifts for punishing those who are hard to buy for especially, though if you would like my advice I recommend getting this as a complement to another gift, as you might find yourself a little light handed when your gift occasion comes around!

If I may, I’d like to drift on to a man-orientated theme for a moment here. Now, us men are, unfairly I might add, vilified for being particularly, well, impertinent when it comes to manners. There is the stereotypical image of the man who is constantly itching himself, without much regard for those around him. To aid with this, or to at least make his itching slightly more acceptable, be sure to purchase him a Gentleman’s Ball Scratcher. This is not some poor slave who must attend his every uncomfortable whim, but a stylish silver plated implement designed to delicately fit into all those areas that are hard to reach. The head of the scratcher even has a beautifully rendered hand, sized as to be as well suited to eliminating those annoying itches. This is all presented in a lined box more suited to displaying delicate jewellery, but there you go! Useful and almost guaranteed to raise a laugh, this might well be the king among funny gifts.

To paint another situation for you, you might be buying for a new parent and as such you want to set their lives off on a humorous track. However, the market is saturated with dad mugs and world’s best dad t-shirts and you want to provide a little something different, something that will raise a smile not of “oh, another one of these” but an actual laugh. One thing I think could accomplish this would be the Pint and Half Pint t-shirt set. These two t-shirts and for dad (or mum) and baby and allow all around to see just who is the full pint and the half-pint of the family!

Finally, we have to broach something that might seem a taboo subject. I, at least, was always brought up to respect my elders and not make fun of the little foibles they have and moods they might throw. In effect, older people are like children, but, older! So, imagine my surprise (and amusement) when I came up the Signs For Senior Moments gift. I was surprised as you are that funny gifts purporting to slander our nearest and dearest exist, but that was until I looked at it in more detail and realised that these kinds of things are truly funny gifts. With slogans including “It’s hard to be nostalgic” and “Make it idiot proof and someone will make a better idiot”, these make for extremely funny gifts and, of course, just because people have tipped over the 60 mark on the clock doesn’t mean they have lost any of their sense of humour.

Well, I think it goes without saying that the above funny gifts would be just right for raising a laugh at the next occasion you need to buy a humorous present for. If not, I do hope they’ve given you some ideas of your own to aid your own research into funny gifts.