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Funny Shot Glasses and More Pranks


If you enjoy a good sense of humor, prank products are just the thing for you. They could come in various forms like apparels, liquid gases, funny shot glasses, shocking pens, and the list goes on.

What is a prank?

A prank is usually a funny act done to add humor to a situation. It is not intended to cause any kind of harm, physical or mental, to any person.

At times, an intentional prank is used in situations to make a point. The basic idea underlying the situation may be a very serious one, but to get the message across to the audience it serves as an effective tool. What must be kept in mind is that it does not hurt anyone’s sentiments and beliefs. It could be done on a personal or public footing but in a light manner.

The person playing the prank act is referred to as a prankster.

Types of prank products

Having a light moment is always acceptable to all but there are some occasions that are ideally suited for having that extra bit of fun. Such times call for that wild and whacky stock of prank products which are easily available in the market. There are numerous products for all age groups so that no one feels left out.

• Apparels: This could be just about anything that you could look for in your closet – comic messages of t-shirts, funny aprons, caps, socks, gloves and even costumes.

• Toys: Here the range is rather vast. In fact, any prank product can be labeled a toy for a particular age but there are some typical toys and games designed for the purpose.

•Mugs and glasses: Many of us like to collect different kinds of mugs. There are different mugs and glasses for different occasions. There are also some which help bring a smile on everyone’s faces. They could have a special message and may come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some could even have added functions like the funny shot glasses.

• Accessories: Every one of us uses some or the other accessory in the form of belts, clips, tissue rolls, watches, clocks and so on. Enhancing such products with an element of prank alters a dull situation into a hilarious one.

Prank products are the ideal way to bring life and energy into parties and special occasions. Serve drinks in funny shot glasses and see the humorous spirit spread like fire. The only thing to be taken care of is to keep people’s emotions in mind.