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Healthy Foods To Eat For A Healthy You


We all know that in order to be fit, we need to eat healthy foods. Yet, with all the different choices available in the market, sometimes it could be hard to choose which the healthy foods to eat are. Below are some of the foods you must eat if you want to enjoy good taste and obtain optimum nutrition.


Coconut is not just good to eat when you are stranded on a tropical island, just like what are depicted in films. Coconuts offer carbohydrates and fats, which are also needed by the body to stay healthy. Coconut oil can help lower heart disease rate. Also, coconut oil also provides lauric acid that aids the immune system in fighting infections from viruses and bacteria. What is also great about coconut is that no part of the fruit or of the tree goes to waste because they can also be used appropriately.


Fish, particularly the saltwater kinds are the healthiest sources of protein. Unlike cattle that are fed with foods grown with artificial fertilizers, fish feed on minerals contained in water, such as iodine. Plus, fish also contains omega-3. Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid that the body cannot produce or effectively convert; but is required by the body in order to function well. Omega-3 helps ease inflammation present in the body. The best fish to eat are, of course, those that are fresh.


Kelp is an algae or large seaweed that contains great amounts of potassium. Apparently, kelp offers more than potassium because it also contains substantial amounts of protein, iodine, magnesium and other types of minerals at amounts greater than those contained in many vegetables grown on land. You can also obtain EPA, a kind omega-3 fatty acid, from kelp.


This is a kind of food that is so versatile you can add it in stews, soups and even salads. Mushrooms grow in rich and organic substance. They can offer protein and iron and a lot of other nutrients. Eating mushrooms can help boost your immunity to diseases and infections. Furthermore, mushrooms have been used in many clinical and laboratory studies because experts say that there are compounds contained in mushrooms that can aid in the fight against breast cancer. If possible, always ensure that what you are buying are mushrooms that are grown organically.


Watercress is an excellent source of iron and it contains more iron than the spinach. Also, powerful antioxidants are also contained in watercress that can support the fight against lung and breast cancer. Only about three ounces of watercress in one day can already improve the levels of specific antioxidants in the body. While you might not usually find watercress in the market, perhaps you could consider growing them on your own via hydroponic gardening so you could ensure that you will eat watercress that is free from synthetic fertilizers and plant chemicals.


This is a food that will never get spoiled despite many years in proper storage. Natural honey has hormone-like properties that make it an excellent addition to your diet. Instead of using refined sugar, use honey to sweeten your foods and drinks. Honey contains antioxidants. It can also be used as natural wound antiseptic. Phytoestrogen is even found in Greek honey that dampens breast, endometrial and prostate cancer growth.