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How to Burn Body Fat by Eating the Right Foods


While there are no magic pills and no shortcut to looking lean and healthy, there are ways you can learn how to burn body fat faster and more effectively. Controlling what you eat and how much is essential, and so is making sure you’re adding certain fat-burning foods to your diet. Metabolism can be sped up by consuming certain foods, causing your body to burn fat more effectively without you even trying.

Spices Increase Metabolism

Cayenne pepper, spicy mustard and ginger are good vasodilators, which means they increase circulation. They also increase body heat and metabolic rate for several hours after eating a meal. Adding hot spices to your meals can do wonders for your waist and your health, as ginger is also a well-known body cleanser.

Hot spices like cayenne pepper work better coupled with protein, as protein helps with the transport and processing of fat. Good sources of protein when trying to lose weight include organic meats, raw dairy products and raw nuts.

Make sure you are choosing 100 percent organic products that are free of nitrate and nitrite and contain no antibiotics or growth hormone. When possible, choose beef from cattle that have been grass fed, rather than grain fed.

Calcium Helps with Weight Loss

Calcium is a great weight-loss promoter. A study published in the International Journal of Obesity shows that consuming calcium daily can help the body conserve muscle while burning extra stored fat.

To increase the amount of calcium in your diet, aim to consume four to five servings of green vegetables daily. Broccoli, cabbage, okra, and turnip greens are all excellent sources of calcium.

For animal sources of dairy, try raw milk and stick to high-fat organic dairy products, rather than the thinned down skim milk version. Rice, hemp or almond milk are sometimes made with added calcium and can provide a nice option if you’re tired of the same flavor over and over. Make sure you choose the unsweetened version and stay away from soymilk.

To ensure you’re eating enough calcium, try replacing some of your other, less-nutritious foods with calcium-rich options. For example, drink raw milk in the morning instead of orange juice (which is high in sugar) or add chopped veggies to sauces or casseroles.

Healthy Fat Causes Weight Loss

Good fats, such as those present in fatty fish (salmon and tuna, for example) and avocado, are good for you. They help lower cholesterol and keep you full, so you’re less tempted to eat less nutritious foods or experience cravings.

Olive oil is good to add to salads or to use on meals that are already cooked and prepared. Coconut oil is a good option for frying or cooking at high temperatures.

Essential fatty acids or EFAs, found primarily in fish, are also an important part of a fat-burning diet. Studies have shown that EFAs are effective in reducing body fat while conserving muscle mass.