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Most crucial properties you should know about a quality tyre for your four wheeler


Perfect wheels and tyres is the demand of every buyer in Australia. But the fact is that when people are out in the market they have to go through many things to ensure that they are going to buy the best available tyres and wheel for their vehicle. The quality matters a lot and especially when it comes to the four wheeler which are meant to be driven on the rough and tough roads more often, having proper and quality based tyres is one most crucial things the driver has to consider.

There are many external as well as internal properties of the tyres that determine its quality and performance. No matter if you are buying Continental tyres or any other type of tyres, you need to look for the following things:


The size and type

The size and the type of tyre you need depends on the model of your car and its tyre needs. You have to select carefully to get the best performance.


The upper thicker rubber

There should be high quality upper rubber coat that can withstand wear and tear and is capable of supporting the weight limit for which it has been prepared.



Grooving on the tyres offer tractions and support and make sure to keep your vehicle grip and smoothness while driving on rough road.


Shoulder lock technology

Shoulder lock technology offer deep and wide grooving on the tyre that is the upper sidewall bar for better traction that increases the strength of the tyre and keep the pressure constant throughout the rim.

Tri-guard construction

Most tyres offer TriGuard construction offering three layered polyester carcass for increased durability and better strength.

Dual compound tread

The dual compound tread makes the tyre sturdier and last longer and has the capability to withstand rough terrain.