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Angelina Jolie Sunglasses – An Air of Class


For most people, sunglasses protect the eyes from the sun, but Angelina Jolie sunglasses are an accessory, taking an already gorgeous face and simply adding an exclamation point. Like many celebrities, Angelina tends to wear the big, face covering sunglasses more to conceal than to simply save her eyes from that rush hour glare, but she also is known to pick a pair of shades that can be clean, classy, and revealing. Whether it’s on the set or hanging out with her family, she always seems to find the perfect design for the moment.

Another pair you may find in the Angelina Jolie sunglasses wardrobe is the Camila by Tom Ford. The plastic frame with a steel bar on top takes that aviator look Angelina seems to like and converts it into something else. While it does cover her eyes more than the Strummer, the frame screams classy, while not throwing a party out to distract you. In a simple, no-nonsense look, the Camila takes a different approach at the “big eye” sunglasses to cover without making you look like an extra in a bee movie. The last thing anyone wants is to lose their identity with a pair of sunglasses.

Angelina Jolie loves to mix up her sunglasses, but she keeps the same look at the same time. Sometimes though she takes a different approach, like when she wears her Josephine 2 sunglasses from Christian Dior. It’s a more conservative look than the aviator glasses, and the D logo is not intrusive. Angelina’s strong cheekbones aren’t overshadowed, but the glasses stand out, creating the perfect blend and a classic look. She can wear sunglasses with style, without losing her own air of class.