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Basic steps you should take to get competitive rates for your CTP insurance


All of the vehicles in Australia, NSW need to obtain a green slip before they are being registered in the vehicle list of NSW. This is a compulsion as determined by the legal authorities, and no one can skip this step in any way.

Some of the insurance companies offering comprehensive car insurances and other liability coverage may offer the CTP insurance facility for their valued customers at a discounted cost. They can also offer high-end benefits for being a part of their services and give extra benefits along with the basic coverage offered by the CTP.


Now, if you are looking for a comprehensive solution to get a green slip coverage, you might need to consider the following steps to get better rates:

Choose the insurance company

At first, you need to be sure about which of the insurance company you want to apply and get your green slip. It will always be a better decision if you apply for the CTP through the same company that you are already using for your other insurance plans. If you do so, you may get added benefits and discounted rates for the CTP insurance.

Ask for the details

If you have planned to apply for the CTP insurance through the old insurance provider of yours, you still need to ask about the pricing and the coverage details.

Enter your vehicle details

After making it sure that you are going to get the CTP insurance through a particular insurance company, you should enter all the details correctly. It is an important thing because the model or your car, the area where you will be driving the car and your previous insurance policy value will determine the pricing of the CTP insurance policy.

Apply for a quote

After the confirmation of all the details, you can get a quote from the insurance company and after that, compare the quotes and decide on the best one.