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Funny People Help Make the World Go Round


Funny people are a blessing in this world of misery and war. While their antics can seem insane at times, it is the laughter they bring that keep the rest of us sane. Everyone has a different sense of humor but funny people seem to be able to hone in on their audience and be able to make people laugh.

Whether they are the Bill Cosby clean for any audience “going to the dentist” routine or the George Carlin “7 words you can’t say on television” type, there are always people that will relate to a funny persons sense of humor.

Sometimes funny people push the limits. Lenny Bruce did this, while he got laughs he also got arrested once or twice for going over the line. And anyone who watched the Man in the Moon with Jim Carrey will appreciate both him and the comedian he played as funny people who could not only make you laugh but would certainly keep audiences talking for sometime afterwards.

Often funny people try hardest to make themselves or their friends and co-workers laugh the most. The troupes from Monty Python, Saturday Night Live, and the Carol Burnett show have all commented on the fact that they performed more to make each other laugh than to reach out to anyone in TV land.

Andy Kauffman constantly pulled pranks and stunts just because they amused him. And many other comedians have made audiences laugh simply because they did what they thought was hilarious. Whether it was physical comedy like Chevy Chase or Steve Martin often did while on SNL or cerebral comedy like Dennis Miller or Stephen Wright perform.

There are so many different personalities out there that a million different things are funny to different people. The people who write South Park or Family Guy have a completely different sense of humor than those that wrote Fawlty Towers or Three’s Company. The people who found John Cleese or John Ritter hilarious wouldn’t necessarily get the humor of the writers of other comedies, yet they have followings of thousands and fan bases that span different ages and social situations.

The Red Green show audience is not the same group of funny people that enjoy Seinfeld or The Office yet they all had huge followings and incredibly talented funny people writing for them.

But television and movies are not the only place that funny people lurch. We are surrounded by the class or office clown, who always has that perfect comment at the perfect time to crack a smile on even the staunchest of faces. It can certainly break the monotony of the day to have funny people around us.

Whether they are the Lesley Neilson type who carries a fart sound making machine around with them or a Bobcat Goldthwaite who gets laughs by screaming weird sounds and ranting about life. I don’t suggest going for laughs in the office with a screaming routine or by putting saran wrap over the toilet seats but a good fart machine might get a few laughs next time the boss is giving his usual quarterly budget review. Just make sure you hide the evidence well.

Funny people liven up the joint, break the boredom and make the world go round just a little easier.