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Features of online fax


Traditional methods of faxing process includes feeding a document to the fax machine at sender’s end, dialing the recipient fax number, scanning the document, transmission of document over a telephone line, receiving of fax document at recipient end, and print of the same at recipient point. This entire process comes to a halt, if the telephone line used for faxing is a shared one and it receives an incoming call during the process, or if the printer is not on at the recipient end. The fax would then be received when the phone line is free, or when the printer is switched on.

Is it not cumbersome to deploy so many equipments, deploy the infrastructure and setup, incur costs, for a simple function as faxing for a business setup in Australia?

This hassle can be easily solved by subscribing to a third party online fax service provider that facilitate fax to email without owning a fax machine. Its features include:

  • Send and receive fax of documents attached with email
  • Save the documents faxed or received at an online location, for future reference and perusal
  • Send fax to multiple recipients through a single click.
  • Ensure security of the documents faxed, since it uses encryption for faxing process
  • Attach personal signature to the documents to be faxed digitally
  • Send fax from any device – mobile, laptop, tablet, or desktop computer, with an active internet connection
  • Save costs considerably by eliminating the need of owning a fax machine or a dedicated telephone line.
  • Avail faxing facility while on the go! There is no restriction on the place from where you can send or receive fax.
  • Upscale or downsize your subscription with the service provider based on your business requirements, hence saving cost.