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Online Fax Vs Traditional Faxing


Fax is a process of data transmission in its original format from one place to another, using a telephone line. Traditionally it involved use of bulky fax machine coupled with printer and scanner for the same. However, with technology innovations taking over old age methodologies, it has become easier and simpler to send a fax to not just Australia, but anywhere in the world.

Let us understand the features of efax and traditional faxing in Australia, and how one benefits an SMB over other:

  • Infrastructure setup for traditional faxing process is very tedious. It needs proper power connections for bulky equipments. For online fax, there are no such requirements. All you need to do is activate a subscription with an external online fax service provider.
  • You would need to have a dedicated telephone line for traditional faxing, which is nullified by using online fax where you get a business fax number without owning a telephone line.
  • Setup and purchase of heavy machinery incurs huge costs for traditional fax, while the cost of subscription to a third party provider is comparatively insignificant, though it is periodic in nature.
  • If the fax requirements are no longer valid to your business purposes, the investment in heavy machinery is ridiculed when using traditional faxing. If you are subscribed with a third party fax service provider, you can choose to deactivate, upscale, or downsize your account depending on your business requirements.
  • Traditional faxing allows you to send and receive fax only at one location – where your fax equipment are installed. Using a third party online fax service provider enables you to send or receive fax documents as attachments with email from any location and any device, provided you have an active internet connection.