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Don’t own a car? Here is why you should.


Australia is the sixth-largest country in the world for its land-mass. Owning a car is a practical necessity for residents in Australia, for it offers:

  • Quick and easy mode of transport – to work, or for recreational purposes.
  • Cheaper and cost-effective option of travel as compared to public transport.
  • Added convenience of travel times and flexibility, as compared to public transport.
  • Sheltered mode of transport for protection against windy and chilly weather, coupled with flexibility to avail it.

Whether you are a citizen of Australia, or a migrant, owning a car would add greatly to your ease of travel in and across Australia. However, owning a car comes with its own regulatory requirements one needs to fulfill. Buying a vehicle requires you to register it in the owner’s state of residence. Also, registration process varies from state to state, and requires documents such as a photo ID (example passport), driver’s license, receipt of sale, and road-worthiness certificate.

Along-with, car insurance is also required upon car purchase. Australia has multiple options and providers, catering to advanced car insurance market. Alongwith recommended comprehensive policies, compulsory third party insurance (ctp) is a must for vehicle owners in the state of NSW. Generally referred to as the ‘green slip’, it offers protection against liability of causing an injury to a third party as a result of your action (accident while you are driving). Its cover includes an injury or bodily harm caused due to your driving the ctp insured vehicle, and any legal liability further pursued by the injured. It does not cover the damage caused to your own vehicle during the accident.

Though the process of owning a car may seem daunting, once purchased, the ease and flexibility of transport earned by it is tremendously beneficial. Also, getting it insured would ensure you travel with peace of mind.