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Which one is better – online fax, or traditional fax?


Traditional fax has been in practice since more than a century, when Alexander Bain invented a method to transmit an image data using synchronized pendulum movements, even before telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell. So practically, fax was invented before telephone, though the output was of poor quality.

Over the years, the fax process in Australia has witnessed substantial technological innovations, with far better output in terms of quality, quantity, and speed.

Fax is an undeniable requirement for most businesses in Australia. Then comes the question – whether to opt for traditional fax, or for efax? The answer is most often determined by the business requirements. If you are an MNC, requiring hundreds of documents to be faxed across the globe on a daily basis, it would be wise to invest in equipments such as dedicated telephone lines for fax, fax machine, and multipurpose machine such as printer and scanner. However, if you are a start-up or a small to medium sized business, with not-so-great volume of documents to be faxed or received as fax periodically, it would be advisable to save on the infrastructure and setup cost of bulky machinery and opt for subscription based costing that is incurred based on the usage.

Also, using online fax provides you the flexibility to send and receive fax from any device of your choice with an internet connection. May it be a smartphone, or a tablet, a laptop or a computer – all you need is an active internet connection over the device. You would also be able to save the faxed documents at an online location, which would be at your perusal. If you are worrying about the security aspect while using a third party online fax service provider, be assured, it is completely safe, since many providers employ encryption technologies for data transmission.