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Common mistakes to avoid while purchasing car insurance


Owning a car in Australia enables you to travel at your will, to a destination of your choice. Whether you travel to work on daily basis, or make weekly/ fortnightly trips and adventure excursions for pleasure, owning a car grants you the flexibility and convenience of travelling at your time and your speed.

Having a car requires you to have a car insurance Australia mandatorily. Many a times, the registration of the new vehicle would include opting for a compulsory third party insurance that grants protection to owner of insured vehicle against claims made for bodily injury to the third party because of the fault of insured vehicle’s owner.

Below are mentioned some pitfalls one must avoid while buying a car insurance:

  • Settling on one car insurance quote, without comparing with offerings from other insurance providers may prove costly, ultimately. When many policies are compared, you get a better insight on the coverage inclusions and exclusions, the fine prints, and the claim process, which help you choose the right provider.
  • A false notion of – the best policy is the one that costs lowest – needs to be cleared. Having minimum liability coverage only would not ensure your coverage in all situations. Sometimes, the cover may prove to be insufficient, requiring you to shell out hefty sum for repairs or for medical bills.
  • Reputation of the insurance provider is also an important factor while selecting a car insurance policy. If you are attracted to less reputed providers due to low premiums, you need to make sure that the claim process is hassle free, cashless facility is provided, and if other add-on features are offered with the policy.
  • Selecting a policy, and not reading its fine prints, may affect you severely in case when it is urgently needed. Overlooking certain aspects under its offerings might cost you at the time of claim processing.
  • Hiding or not paying heed to entering correct personal details during policy purchase, may make it a fraudulent attempt, and may exempt you from availing any of its covers in time of need.

It is necessary to avoid these pitfalls while selecting your car insurance policy.