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Top 5 reasons to buy vehicle insurance for your new car


Just like any other insurance type, a motor insurance also works in a similar fashion. You purchase a policy, pay certain annual premium, make claims upon requirement, and receive compensation for the covered aspects. While purchasing a car, most people consider car insurance an additional financial burden that could have been done away with. However, the importance of comprehensive car insurance qld is not realized until one gets involved in an accident, and has to pay hefty sum as a resultant.

Here is why you should get a motor insurance in Australia:

  1. Your vehicle is one of the major investments during your lifetime. Comprehensive car insurance would cover for its loss and damage not just for an accident, but also against theft, natural calamities, and other unexpected events as fire.
  2. Should you get involved in an accident, the medical bills will be covered under the type of insurance. While a third party insurance would cover bills for the other driver, the comprehensive insurance would cover for the driver of the insured vehicle.
  3. In case of accidental damage to the third party vehicle, you would not have to shell hefty sum for its repair if you have third party car insurance.
  4. You would be protected from the damages caused by others without an insurance of their own. Hard to believe, yet, there are many who consider insurance a non-paying liability and additional financial burden, and would turn a blind eye to the benefits promised by its ownership. If there is any damage caused to your vehicle due to the negligence of uninsured, you would not be drastically affected.
  5. Most importantly, you would be free of stress, for most damages and losses would be covered by the comprehensive car insurance.

Once it is established that having insurance is a must for all car owners, all you need to do is invite comprehensive car insurance quotes qld from multiple providers, study them, and select the best mix of insurance policies for your car.