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How does online fax work?


It is undoubtedly established that opting for online fax renders more benefits than using traditional faxing for start-ups or small to medium sized businesses in Australia. So, how does online fax actually work?

Once you have chosen your plan and activated your subscription, your third party online fax service provider would allot you a dedicated business fax number. When you want to send the fax to a recipient, you need log into your account, compose an email, enter the recipient fax number in the ‘To’ field, attach the documents you want to send as fax, and then click ‘send’. The third party converts the files to the fax message, and delivers it to the recipient fax number, where it would be decoded into its original format and sent to print.

For this entire process, you would not be required to own a dedicated telephone line, though you own a fax number. What more? Online fax to email provides you the flexibility to access the fax functionality even when you are not in office. You can use any device for the purpose, just that it needs to have an internet connection to access your interface using which you can operate the fax function.

Online fax comes with a hoard of features that are add-on benefits. You can add your digitized signature to the document which is a great function for all travelling entrepreneurs who need to submit signed deals for projects while on the go. Also, the fax function is secure. Encryption technology is utilized to encode and decode the message at both ends of the data transmission channel.

The subscribers can choose to change their plans any time with their providers – enabling them to better streamline their business processes while saving substantially on the costs.