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Step-by-Step process of online fax


Gone are the days when businesses were required to invest heavily in bulky fax machines, dedicated telephone lines, and multipurpose scanner/printer machines. Long queues of the employees waiting for their turn to send or receive fax at the fax machine station are a thing of the past. What has changed the faxing scenario not just in Australia, but the globe over, is online fax.

For using email to fax function, you would be required to have a subscription with a third party online fax service provider. You would then be allotted a business fax number, without owning the actual telephone line for that number.

Here is how you can send and receive fax using online fax –

To send a fax

  • Login to your account through the interface on any device having internet connection
  • Compose a new email
  • Enter recipient fax number in the ‘To’ field
  • Attach documents to the email, that you need to send as fax
  • The third party service translates the attachment such that the recipient fax machine can read it
  • The service transmits the data across the phone line
  • The recipients fax machine receives the data, decodes it, and prints the fax.

To receive a fax

  • The sender dials your fax number. This fax number is assigned to you by your service provider. You do not own the telephone line for the same.
  • The fax machine translates the data for transmission over phone line
  • Your service provider receives the data, translates it into an image file, and sends the same to your email address as an attachment.
  • You log into your account, open the email message, and view/ download/ print the faxed documents received as attachments.

The complexity of connecting multiple equipments and synchronizing their operation to send a fax is too daunting. Opting for online fax not only simplifies the process, but also enables you to enhance the experience with its multiple features that add value.