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Yachting – Luxury Boating at its Best


When people see a yacht cruising by in the ocean, on a lake, or down a river, the usual reaction is a series of “oohs” and “aahs”. There is nothing that quite says “the good life” like a yacht. A yacht is something that most people only dream of owning; most are happy to simply be able to ride on one at least once in their lives.

Some yachts are so large and so luxurious that you can barely tell them apart from cruise liners. There really is no “average price” when it comes to yachts; their sizes, designs, and amenities vary so widely that their price ranges are vast. A top-of-the-line yacht can sell for as high as $60 million or more, and the least expensive yachts will still run in the hundreds of thousands. The bigger and more expensive yachts are often owned by companies for throwing parties, entertaining clients, or rewarding successful executives with luxury trips.

What exactly is it about a yacht, other than its size, that so enraptures people? For one thing, yachts are like floating mansions, or at the very least, very nice floating homes. For example, an upper-end yacht can have a living room, family room, several bedrooms, a den, office, library, bar, party room, and even a theater room. When riding on one of these, only the view from the windows, going out on deck, or the occasional rocking would betray the fact that you were actually on a boat.

Though it is true that most people, even those who are fairly successful, cannot afford a yacht, that doesn’t mean that that they can never have a chance to ride on one or maybe even pilot one. Fortunately, for those who are not blessed with enough disposable income to purchase their own yachts, these luxury cruisers can be rented by the hour, by the day, by the week, or for even longer. Many people will rent a yacht for cruising in the ocean or on a lake for a few days and consider it a complete vacation. If you rent the right kind of yacht, there may never be a reason to disembark from it while you’re using it, even if you’ll be on it for several days. Though experienced boaters can often pilot their own medium-sized or smaller rented yachts, when renting one of the larger models it is usually best, and often required, to have an experienced boat captain pilot it for you. When renting one of the much larger, upper-end luxury yachts, the rental usually includes a boat captain. Though renting one of the upper-end luxury yachts may still be out of many people’s price ranges, most people can still enjoy all the amenities and enjoyment that a smaller rented yacht offers. After all, if you are cruising on a yacht, no matter what the size, you are still going to get those admiring glances!