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Monta Ellis – The Mississippi Bullet


Big time scorers who play for big markets in the NBA often get the recognition that is befitting of an NBA superstar. Players like Kobe, Duncan, Griffin, and Dirk all play for big market teams and are established superstars in the league. However, those who are stuck in smaller market teams are often overlooked. One such player is the Mississippi Bullet himself, Monta Ellis. A second round draft pick of the 2005 NBA Draft, Ellis has become one of the league’s most prolific scorers.

He combines his uncanny speed with his athleticism, which allows him to make difficult shots. During his time with the Golden State Warriors, Ellis became the team’s number one scoring option. But despite his impressive offensive outbursts, Ellis’ efforts would not be enough, as the Warriors would fail to make the playoffs season after season. Aside from his scoring, Ellis is also a great defender using his speed to frustrate his opponents and mess up their games.

He has also established himself as a clutch player having helped the Warriors close off tightly contested games and even hitting game winners for them on several occasions. Many fans have also stated how underrated Ellis is because he barely gets any recognition from the league. Ever since he took over the scoring load for the Warriors, Ellis has never been voted into any All-Star appearances nor has he ever been chosen by coaches as a reserve.

And even though Monta claims that he really doesn’t think about it much, fans are still wondering why he constantly gets snubbed from All-Star games even though he is one of the league’s most consistent performers. Many thought that he and Steph Curry would form the focal point of the Golden State Warriors franchise for years to come, however, this would not come to past as he would get traded to the Milwaukee Bucks in March of 2012.

Despite being traded to the Bucks, Monta was still loved by the Bay Area fans because of all the hard work and commitment that he gave to the Warriors franchise during his time there. Now that Monta Ellis has finally began his journey with the Bucks, only time will tell what the future has in store for him. For his fans, they are hoping that this hard working and underrated player from Mississippi will finally be able to get the respect that has long been overdue for him.