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Don’t Worry – Be Funny!


Funny people get the laugh!

Funny people have more friends because people love to be around someone who can make them happy and make the atmosphere more enjoyable. Some people have a natural talent to make people laugh, sometimes even when they are not trying to. To be funny you have to know when to deliver the appropriate line that will make your friends laugh. A joke, or a pun at the inappropriate time may not have the expected effect and you may end up getting some funny looks.

The interesting thing about jokes is that you may hear a good joke and try to remember it for next time. What happen next is when you want to tell it a few weeks later, you can’t get the words right or you forget the punch line. Learning jokes then tell them later at social gathering or parties is great if you have a good memory for all the little details. Good timing and the right place are essential in order to be successful at it. You have to know your audience as well. You don’t want to say a joke that may offend a few members of your audience.

Different jokes for different folks!

Some comedians who are quite popular, use obscenities to make people laugh and that has somewhat become their trademark. Eddie Murphy used to be the kind of comedian who used lots of obscenities in his routine and he was very successful doing it. One thing about comedy is that you can target your audience. If you don’t mind crude jokes you would find comedians who use such routine funny and interesting. You don’t have to be vulgar to be funny! Other comedians are more subtle in their approach and that makes them different. You have to choose what kind of funny man you want to be! You have to be unique and target the right audience for your material.

All that to say, being funny is a skill and that is something that most people can develop. Just like you practice the piano everyday if you want to be a good pianist, you have to hone your skill at telling jokes or being a stand-up comedy as well. To be good at telling jokes, you have to practice your delivery tempo, your timing and different ways of telling the same joke then see which one get the best result. Practice in front of a mirror, that way you can be your own best critic.

Tell the audience about yourself!

Everybody love to have a good laugh. Don’t make fun at others! You can tell a funny or embarrassing story that happened to you and say it in a way that share a bit of yourself with the audience. Some people in the audience will relate to it and you will have a better rapport with them. You too can be funny as hell if you want to. If takes a bit of practice and some funny materials. If you do your part every day, before long you will have all your friends laughing and you’ll become the most popular guy/girl around.