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Remembering the Funny Things Kids Say


If you spent anytime around kids you’ll know they say the funniest things.

You find yourself wishing you could remember all those little quips and wild eyed stories. As a parent you expect to remember, but there are many many times when you can’t quite recall the funny thing your kid said or just how they worded it. Even as an aunt, uncle, cousin, brother, sister you will reflect on childhoods you have observed and wish that you had a video camera or a photographic memory to store all of those precious moments. There is something so refreshing to read or watch those recorded moments, to see the world through a child’s eyes. Here are a couple of crackers to help you keep inspired.

  • “I can have two childs because I have two testicles”
  • ” Mommy, did you know that your underwear won’t flush down the toilet?”
  • 3 y.o. walks in chewing a great ball of mint dental floss “this is my bubble gun”

You get the idea, so here are a couple of suggestions to help you remember those moments when kids say funny things.

  • Use the voice memo on your smart phone either ask the child to repeat the statement.
  • Have an older child interview kids with a video camera (kids open up to other kids).
  • Use Evernote. It’s your online brain they have free and paid accounts integrate with your phone and your computers.
  • Start a blog. Posterous is super easy to use and runs on email. So just send a quick email, video or voice memo via email to your Posterous blog. Your family will probably love it.
  • Old faithful, low teach carry a notebook

Here’s a couple more just for fun.

  • 3 year old says “momma, my peepee hurts”, I ask him why it hurts and he responds “someone took it and poked a hole in it”.
  • “I like the lines on your face.”
  • I thought you were cool until i looked in the mirror and saw i was cooler

Having started doing this ourselves we are rapidly building a treasure trove a wonderful moments that our whole family enjoys reflecting on. If this wee article has inspired you to start collecting all those great stories from children in your life that is really wonderful, if not I hope you got a smile or a giggle out of the one-liners above.