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Important Details for Filing a Travel Insurance Claim


As much as we make plans, they can take a sudden change, which may lead to some implications. For instance, if you are planning to travel, something may come up twisting your plans. These are the essential factors that should be checked on when you want to file a claim.

Getting a company with favorable insurance quotes is excellent. However, right from the moment you want to travel to another destination to the time of actual departure, a lot of things can go wrong or can cause you to cancel your trip. When you want to file a claim, your travel insurance company will require you to provide some detailed information before you call them. Here are the details you need to deliver.

In case of trip cancellation due to illness or pre-sickness, it needs to be supported by a doctor. You will have to visit a registered doctor from a recognized hospital in Australia to obtain a document showing that you are not fit to travel. You have to prove to the insurance that the doctor advised you to cancel the trip hence making the cancellation a covered claim.

In the case where you have a medical emergency that causes your trip to be interrupted, it should also be supported by a doctor. You may need an immediate emergency while on your journey which requires medical attention soon. Once the crisis is controlled, call the insurance company immediately and inform them of the situation, they will advise on the documentation you will need to make a successful claim.

Note that claims and claim questions need to be sorted directly with your insurance company. Make sure you contact them as soon as possible and inform them about your situation; never make an assumption. Also, save all your documentation for proof, e.g., receipts for all expenses, unused tickets, police reports, and an explained diagnosis from the doctor.