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Ins And Outs of Contents Insurance


Putting your house under home insurance covers you from unexpected circumstances. Home insurance does not merely protect the house itself from unforeseen dangers; it also caters for the items inside. The following pointers should draw you into getting one for your home.

It is often reasonable to be concerned about the protection of the items inside your house that make it a complete home. Choosing to insure your Australian home keeps you from any expenses that you may incur in case of an accident.

Content insurance covers the properties in your home as distinct from the house itself. Typically, insurance providers in Australia give you the option of choosing; a combined policy with contents and buildings cover, contents only cover or a building only cover.

The contents policy will cover you primarily for damage to the property of your home in the event of a fire, water, theft or accident which results in a loss. However, it excludes mechanical breakdown, gradual deterioration or general wear and tear.

Under the content policy, there are clear definitions of belongings and personal effects that can be insured. They include; clothing, household goods, money,  wallets, hearing aids, jewellery, handbags, mobile phones, furniture and furnishings. However, the plan does not include properties which are already insured like motor vehicles, passports and driving licenses.

When planning to insure your contents, it should be based on the cost of replacing the items as new as of today’s market prices. It should also include everything which you would take with you in case you moved out. The sum of items insured should also include those within n your garden and outside the house.

It is worth noting that in the event of a claim, you may have to pay a policy excess. This is the amount of money which you are responsible for paying when making a claim and is taken from the total claim settlement amount.