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Safety and Luxury in a Family Car


Luxury vehicle safety features must come standard when choosing a luxury family car; and any safe family car worthy of the name should be manufactured to the very highest safety standards and incorporate a number of technological innovations that enhance vehicle safety.

Contemporary luxury vehicles not only offer passengers comfort and space, but are also reliable, fuel-efficient, dynamic and above all dependable. That is not to say that a luxury family car can’t be fun to drive too and discerning customers are now able to find a luxury family car that provides exhilarating performance, dynamic handling and cutting-edge design while also boasting the important safety features of a safe family car.

Advanced Safety Features

For maximum safety on the road and innovative technology your family can depend on, drivers can enjoy a range of protective and preventative systems now incorporated into the luxury family car.

These advanced safety features include dynamic steering, high-strength aluminium frame and LED daytime running lights which work together to give drivers an enhanced sense of safety during all drive conditions.

Dynamic Steering

A dynamic steering system alters the steering ratio depending on the vehicle speed and simultaneously adjusts the steering torque to match the ratio for a more precise steering feel and better road surface feedback. This eliminates nervousness in the steering and improves straight-line directional stability.

For low to medium speeds on twisting roads, a more direct ratio is used to increase steering precision and speed up steering response, and, while parking the steering has a direct ratio to make manoeuvring easier for the driver.

High-Strength Aluminium

Contemporary safe family cars now have a high-strength aluminium frame structure into which all panels are integrated so that they also perform a load-bearing function. This aluminium body is noted for its exceptional rigidity, resulting in high crash protection with a substantially lower weight. This means greater safety, increased performance, improved handling, lower fuel consumption, ease of repair and attractive insurance premiums for the luxury family car consumer.

LED Daytime Running Lights

LED daytime running lights ensure that safe family cars are seen easily by other road users, whatever the daytime light conditions. These daytime running lights greatly reduce the risk of not being seen in time which accounts for fifty percent of all accidents at junctions, especially during wind and fog.

Luxury family vehicles now use special daytime running lights which consume less energy than normal dipped-beam headlights, reducing fuel consumption and automatic activation or deactivation can be selected as desired in the vehicle settings.

Luxury Performance and Efficiency

The modern luxury car is also able to deliver exceptional performance though, with sharp handling and highly efficient, high-performing engines, a safe family car can also be great to drive and affordable to run.

Choice of engine comes in economical petrol models and turbo diesel versions, each using precision metered fuel injection to deliver outstanding power on less fuel. Kinetic energy is converted into usable electrical energy through a recuperation system when the vehicle is coasting or braking.

Dynamic drive systems have efficiency modes to improve consumption values. Combined, these innovative technologies provide luxury performance and a much more economical drive to the luxury car while luxury vehicle safety features ensure the highest levels of safety.