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Pants For Short Women


The vast range of clothing on sale in stores these days might lead you to believe that finding nice, fashionable pants that fit well is an easy matter, but this is not necessarily so. Often, a purchase is made in haste, but with time it becomes apparent that the sizing, cut or color is not quite right for the person concerned, because of an incompatibility with their height or some aspect of their body shape. In order to avoid these problems, you should read the following tips.

First of all, you should understand the importance of clothing that fits well. To begin with, if they are too small, the clothes may be uncomfortable to wear. Short people have an added problem, which is that bad fitted clothing may exaggerate negative perceptions by others that they are small.

To be fair, this problem has lessened over the years, due to improvements in technology, but nevertheless shorter women should exercise care when shopping for pants and other clothes, to ensure a really good fit. The key to this is to try on lots of different pants, all the while paying very close attention to different aspects of the fit, in particular, the overall length, and the sizing at the waist and hips. Ideally, the fit should be perfect in all areas, but sometimes this is not quite possible. But, rather than canceling the purchase of a particularly attractive pair of pants, it might be possible to get the waist or length adjusted by a tailor or seamstress. Altering the fit at the hips is more awkward, so you should prioritize that aspect of the fit, while keeping in mind that you retain the option of having the waist taken in or the length shortened, although this will incur extra expense.

If all else fails, one final possibility is that of commissioning a tailor or dressmaker to have your pants made, according to a custom fit. The disadvantage of this, of course, is cost, and not everyone can afford such an approach to buying clothes, but for those who can, it could take a lot of the frustration out of shopping.