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Celebrity hair style


Celebrity hair style

Want to know what dictates most women’s decision when it comes to which hairstyle they choose? Most women know the answer to this question because they use this ‘guide’ quite extensively- the fashion magazine! Women flock to fashion magazines because celebrity hairstyles are all the rage when it comes to personal choice! If a celebrity uses a particular style, chances are women will follow! Celebrity hairstyle is that style that is worn by popular singers, actresses and other famous women who choose to go untraditional when it comes to hair cuts. Here are some of the celebrities on the front pages today and the hairstyles that follow them:

Jenifer Aniston: Jenifer Aniston tends to switch between two main hairstyles, day and night. By day Aniston uses more of a straight, glamorous approach. Her hair is medium length so the straight, bottom curl works for her hair. At night Jenifer tends to lean more on curls and waves. At most of her movie premiers or appearances she tends to go with this more casual approach.

Nicole Kidman: Nicole Kidman’s long flowing blond hair is a stylish look that many women try to go after. Her light blond hair tides well for when she wears it up or down. Kidman often wears her hair in a ‘swept up’ fashion where it looks as a cross between a scrunch and a bun- it works for her!

Kate Moss: Kate Moss’s hair is all about tresses and bangs. She uses both to wear her hair in a sexy fashion that works great down. Kate Moss’s hairstyle is great straight or unkempt because it shows off her great style. The versatile nature of Kate’s hair is something that many women strive after and is a reason why she is one of the celebrities most sought after in terms of hairstyles.

Jenifer Lopez: J-Lo, as she is often referred as, makes good use of her brown, medium length hair. Lopez’s hairstyle is one that many women wish to duplicate because she is able to wear it in a number of different ways. She is often seen with it straight or in a tight bun and in her movies it is clear that she can wear it any of a multitude of ways!

Since celebrities are often the first to be consulted for new trends in the hairstyle world it isn’t much of a surprise that the fashion magazines are some of the first sold out in bookstores and grocery stores around the nation. A celebrity hairstyle can be copied and duplicated if you spend the time to do the research behind your favorite style!