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Five Features Of Luxury Houses


One of the characteristics of a luxurious residence is its location. Majority are situated in desirable districts where the neighborhood is exclusive, highly secured and composed of other luxurious residences. And then, there are those that are built in incredibly secluded spots that have breathtaking mountain views or private beach access.

What Make Luxury Homes

Aside from location, there are other elements that make a luxury house. Here are some of them.

1. Open spaces. One key trait of luxury homes is its size and space. They are basically larger than average houses in terms of square footage. Inside the structure, they are huge and spacious which equate to a very relaxing ambience. The architecture usually comprises floor-to-ceiling glass doors, tall windows and high ceilings which suggest openness and freedom to homeowners and their guests to explore and move around.

2. Interiors with rich design. From hand-crafted fixtures, genuine artworks and valuable statues, sculptures and carvings to hand-woven table cloth or throw pillows and decorative pieces made of high-end materials, such as marble, porcelain, granite or crystal, these beautiful furnishings and fixings connote elegance and sophistication. So as the intricate details of the floor, stair rails, and walls equally add to its aesthetic appeal.

3. Master bedrooms, kitchens, and baths. The master suite includes deluxe beddings, linens and bed toppers to soft lighting and huge walk-in closets. The kitchen has professional quality appliances, stylish custom cabinetry and full range of tools and utensils that every chef dreams of. The bathroom features what you normally see in luxury resorts – oversized tub and glass-paneled showers, dual sinks, designer faucets, elegant ceramic tile and plush carpet flooring. The water systems are state-of-the-art too with temperature control settings for its users.

4. Custom room. Be it a home office or library for special family meetings, a game area for table tennis, chess or poker, a private gym or dance studio for regular workouts or a home theater complete with high-end equipment and personalized stadium seating for a satisfying entertainment experience, most of the houses have extra rooms designed for a specific function.

5. Amenities and outdoor entertainment. The landscape grounds are deliberate in design – stone patios and sidewalks, beautiful garden with trees, flowers, ponds or fountains, elegant entry gate with big driveways going to a three- or four-car garage. In some cases, there are swimming pools too and tennis courts for residents who love these outdoor sports.