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Venus Williams Women’s Tennis Star


Tennis star Venus Ebony Starr Williams the sister of Serena Williams a tennis star player as well was born in June 17, 1980. Venus started her career in tennis at a young age and at 14 years old she was already infamous in the world of tennis. She became professional tennis player in October 31, 1994 with top seed opponent Arantxa Sánchez Vicario at the Bank of West Classic tournament in Oakland. After losing the game with Arantxa Sánchez Vicario, she didn’t join any tournament in that year.

Venus Williams is a former World No. 1 tennis player though at the current standing she ranked as the World No. 3 as of May 11, 2009. In her entire career she already won in the Wimbledon singles and doubles category as well as the reigning Australian Open champion. With 16 years of being a participant of Women’s Tennis Association tour, she has already won 56 titles-17 Grand slams, eight in doubles-women category, seven in singles and two in mixed doubles.

The tennis player Venus had also played in Olympics and won Olympic gold medals in both women’s singles and doubles category. She’s truly a record holder for winning the most Olympic medals in tennis than other tennis players either male or female. She was the most successful tennis player ever win three gold Olympic medals.

Venus Williams is one of many great tennis players today that most feared to match with. With her long wingspan and agility on the court that she utilizes to win the match, she is one of the powerful tennis players. When in match, she was well comfortable with court grass like in Wimbledon where she has five titles which she was given the Grand slam title. Other than that she also had the fastest serve ever with record of 130 mph equivalent to 210 km/h in Zurich Open and holds the record of the fastest serve in Grand slam tournaments. She has been injured many times that resulted for her temporary retirement in tennis for recovery but always had sensational come back. With all that great things happened to her, family and friends have been supported at all times. Her sister Serena Williams is her partner in most women’s doubles category. Venus is coached by their parents Richard Williams and Oracene Price with trainer Kerrie Brooks.

In terms of spirituality, Venus is a Jehovah’s Witness devotee with two sisters other than her equally famous sister Serena Williams. With her successful career as a tennis player she also managed to have a different career as an image model for shirts, shorts and others. Being popular, companies want to make Vanessa Williams as their products endorser. There have been Vanessa Williams’s handbags and Vanessa Williams shoes of her own collection.

Venus has an associate degree in Fashion Design that she received in December of 2007 from the Art of Institute of Fort Lauderdale as a Cum Laude with 3.5 GPA. Venus also has her own company and wants to pursue her career in interior and fashion design after her tennis career.

As a tennis player, Venus did great jobs inside and outside of the court. She was the one responsible for having equally rights between male tennis player and women tennis player. She fought for women to have same equal prize money as with men’s tennis players. Venus has won the battle in February after Wimbledon announced that there would be equal prize money for all players.