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Manny Pacquiao on Top of the World


Manny Pacquiao has had one of the most miraculous careers of all-time, and when all is said and done he will be remembered in the record books as one of the best pound for pound boxers in history. He’s accomplished more than most fighters could dream about, and of course, none of it came easy. Pacquiao switched up his style midway through his career and continued training with the best boxing gear and boxing equipmentin order to get to where he is today.

Pacquiao started his boxing career still as a teenager, and he was fighting in the teeny-tiny weight classes that most boxing fans in the United States don’t pay much attention to. He had a few setbacks but also won a few titles along the way, and started to show some promise. Then he moved to the usa and began jumping in weight towards super bantamweight and featherweight, and that is when things really got interesting.

Pacquiao began training with Freddie Roach, and together the duo would continue to achieve fantastic things. Probably the very first time within his professional life and career, Pacquiao wasn’t wanting for any boxing gear or boxing equipment required to train. He had the very best equipment, a fantastic trainer, and much more, and the man could finally reach his true potential consequently.
Simply, he took the planet by storm. He met Marco Antonio Barrera and absolutely destroyed him in spectacular fashion. After that, his ascent continues to be unparalleled. He’d win a trilogy against Erik Morales, win once and draw once against Juan Manuel Marquez, beat Barrera again, and much more, and this was all still when he was fighting at 126 and 130 lbs.
He then continued to shock the globe by upgrading in weight, first to lightweight, then junior welterweight, then welterweight as well as a brief foray into junior middleweight. At each step of this journey towards bigger and better things, he was always doubted, but he always kept proving everyone wrong.

It enabled him to win titles in weight classes than any boxer ever before him, and it is a total that’s likely to never be met by anybody else. The names and legends he continued to overpower became a significant long list indeed. As well as the above, Pacquiao would carry on to defeat Oscar De La Hoya, brutally knock out Ricky Hatton, beat down Miguel Cotto, and put in a win against Antonio Margarito also.
Doing this was possible for Pacquiao due to how hard he worked, and just how he was able to get together with a great trainer plus a great team that enabled him to make use of proper boxing equipment and boxing gear. He’s among the best of all-time, and fans will forever look back on his career and revel in remembering how he dominated his opposition. Pacquiao is among the true greats in boxing history, he fought every one of the best fighters which he could, and the man always turned out number one and entertained his fans around the world at the same time.