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Banana Kong – Funny Game for Android


If you remember Nintendo as your first console you must be familiar with Donkey Kong game and super Mario Bros, however we’re not talking about the real Donkey Kong here because there is one more ape apparently which is similar with donkey on Android. As you can guest, this monkey will surely get a lot of banana to collect as well as some obstacle to deal with on each levels, with a lot of fun level surely he will give some entertaining action for you. Let’s see what this game has to offer below.


Basically, this game is a simple game where you will play as the Kong to collect the entire scatters banana trough each level. Known as simple platformer or side scrolling game, in banana Kong you are able to jump, run, and throw some banana into a giant stockpile of yellow fruit. The control is simple, you only need to swipe around to move and tap to jump or do several actions on the level. There are many obstacles that you need to deal with for example a nasty spider web, some barrel with explosion, and many more.

Your job is simple enough which is collect as many Banana as you can and gather it in your storage, even though the task is sound simple however as you go along you will find so many challenges and tough level to collect your most desires food since you are the banana Kong right now. The level become more ridiculous and also funny for sure, you will ride some boar through a volcano, dive and riding a turtle to avoid the shark, and so many different level as well as obstacle waiting to be explored. Even you can swing around like Tarzan on the forest for sure.

The graphic for Banana Kong is absolutely amazing and cute, the character is a big ape with fat belly and funny voice, the other creature also very well made and illustrated. For those who love 2D game Banana Kong is definitely the one that you need to try right away. the environment is vary and really exciting, there are tons of objects that you can use and challenging obstacle with different effect. The forest is gorgeous, the fish in the sea is cute, and you can see lots of thing on this game for sure. If you want to try this game, you can download it for free on Google play.