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Get All the Nutrients You Need by Making the Food Yourself


Preparing food yourself is a great way to make sure that you’re getting the calories and nutrients you need everyday. Making sure that you get all your nutrients while limiting the amount of calories you’re eating is very important to your overall health. The key to this is eating nutrient dense foods.

Think of a salad, most of the vegetables in the salad are very nutrient dense and it can only take 20 minutes to make a good salad. Often times, it will take much less time than that. That 20 minutes is a much better investment on your time than baking a fatty sugary dessert using those 20 minutes. Not only will you getting better nutrients from the salad you will be saving yourself many calories.

Since many of us are extremely busy in today’s society, getting nutrient dense food is extremely important. Most of the time there is very little time to prepare a nutritious meal for yourself or your family each day. About 80% of people spend less than 30 minutes preparing dinner each day. If they do prepare dinner every day, chances are that is not very nutritious but rather it is something that was easy to make.

There are some ways to help yourself prepare more nutritious foods for yourself or for your family. One place to start is getting frozen vegetables, frozen fruits, and ready-made salads. Getting food that is already prepared for you is the biggest time saver you can do, as all you have to do is warm it up or take them out of the can.

Another thing you can do is to cook in large batches. For example, on Sunday night you should cook a whole bag of frozen chicken for your family. You can add different types seasonings to them so that there are different flavors for each piece of chicken. Then you’ll want to wrap up each piece of chicken individually and put it in the refrigerator. You’ll want to do the same thing with pasta or rice.

Now you will have a weeks worth of food created in the time that it would take to make one piece of chicken and one serving of rice or pasta. All you will have to do now is heat it up on the day that you’re planning to eat it. You can do this with anything, such as sandwiches, chicken dinners, hamburgers, etc. etc., the key here is that you make meals in the time it would take to make one. This will allow you to eat for the week quickly. It will also give you the satisfaction of not having to worry about what you are going to eat for dinner each day. It will be one less thing that you will have on your mind and will simplify your life.