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Tom Brady Is One of the Greatest Athletes of Our Time


The NFL draft contains seven long rounds, with a total number of 224 players being selected by 32 different teams. The best of the best talent in each draft usually lasts at max the first four rounds. After these rounds the players that are picked are merely scrubs and not ever expected to be anything great at all, with teams just filling in roster spaces for depth. The explanation to why a quarterback currently playing today who has three super bowl rings, two MVP awards, and numerous passing records, was drafted with the last pick of the sixth round still baffles football analysts to this day. All this should show you the type of mettle that Tom Brady beholds. Relentless, dominating, and vicious are a few words that define his on field play. As far as this generation of athletes is concerned he’s one of the greater, if not the greatest, cold-blooded assassin we have seen.

There are many great players we have seen in sports in the past century or so. But what makes each great player’s story so alluring is the individuality each story possesses. No great player has faced as much adversity as Tom Brady has overcome to become possibly one of the greatest quarterbacks ever. Seen as a pushover when he first entered the league due to being drafted in the sixth round, Tom Brady had no hopes of ever becoming a starting quarterback. Apparently Mr. Brady, though, had different plans. During the year he won his first Super Bowl, Brady started the season as a backup but ended the season as Super Bowl 36 MVP. His first year as champion led him to almost overnight success, as he was given the starting QB position which, from that point on New England has never looked back. Throughout his highly unorthodox career Brady has exemplified his play by making subpar to average players play great while playing with him, and since his starting career has begun he has never had trouble letting the team ride his shoulders for success. The worst nightmare for an opposing team has always been Tom Brady with the ball last in a football game with a chance to ice the game. Riding on the shoulders of such a great competitor and athlete Tom Brady has changed the fortunes of an entire organization. Leading the Patriots franchise to 4 Super Bowls, establishing one of the best coach/quarterback win percentages in NFL history, and accomplishing an undefeated season you would think that Brady has little to prove at this stage of his career.

Thus still there are doubters who credit the mastery of Bill Belichick’s head coaching as the strongest support to Brady’s illustrious career. He has, time after time, defied the laws of perfection by improving his game year after year, and now again in the 2011 NFL Playoffs is on the verge of leading the Patriots to their fifth Super Bowl appearance since handing this brave commander the reigns. If Brady figures out a way to lead this subpar band of young Patriots to another championship season, it would be disrespectful to ignore the work of art he has shown the world as some of the greatest artistry from a quarterback we have ever seen. Watch out Joe Montana, with 4 rings of hardware Tom Brady is presenting a very strong case before the jury to be claimed “the best football player ever.”