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What is covered in a Third party damage coverage for car and property?


A third party property damage is definitely as its name indicate the damages done to the third party property and car in case of any accidents or hazardous situation where the situation may cause severe damages.


In Australia, third party property car insurance assures that the car of the third party if damaged in any event when you were involved, so that you don’t have to bear with all the compensation and claims all at once and your insurance company would be there to help and provide proper and timely compensation to the third party.


Due to the fact when a third party damage is there and you need to make sure that your insuring company would be helpful in getting things done quickly and in a proper way, you should know the limits and the benefits of the policy that you have purchased to cover such damages.


Whether you get involved in the damaging event for the third party car or the property nearby, you should know that your third party property damage insurance covers most of the needed issues and damages that are common to occur in a particular condition:


Such an insurance covers the following circumstances:

You will get a legal liability cover in case if you are involved in an accidental damage to the third party property or car and the insurance company will be covering the expenses.

Your car can be covered in case of an accident when the other car is not insured and you are not at fault.

In case of car repair needs, the authorized car repairs are also covered in case if they are damaged.

In addition to that, in case of fire or theft, the insurance companies offer compensation for your car and may compensate the damage done to the car during a fire incident.