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What’s Third Party Insurance?


Third party insurance is among the critical terms in the auto insurance industry. It means liability insurance and offers coverage over lawsuit form others. It’s a basic plan which requires a minimum amount mandatory in all 50 states.

Third party insurance depends on your state. It may not be a must for all drivers. For instance, the states that have branded themselves as “no-fault” don’t need it. Nevertheless, insurance experts affirm that it’s critical for most effective cover over your automobile and yourself.

Third insurance plan comes in two parts. First is protection over bodily injury. The policy covers loss of wages, medical bills, or any other related costs that one may be held responsible in case of an accident. There are different coverage options which depend on budget and choice of an individual. There are minimum requirements for every state that offer this type of insurance cover. You should learn more from your agent for the best choice.

The second one involves coverage over property damage. It provides coverage over repair and replacement of your car just in case it gets damaged or written off after an accident. Most plans will also cover damages caused to other properties such as immobile vehicles, houses, and commercial structures. Despite that some drivers may never feel the importance of third party fire and theft car insurance, it’s very vital since overs protection in case a reckless driver causes you to hit other things as you try to avoid an accident.

You must be cautious when purchasing a car insurance cover. Make sure that you get the right cover by comparing apples to apple. One individual’s comprehensive protection may differ from another. Third party insurance will cover all third party liability in case of an accident. Drive safe and confidently with an assurance that you have the right insurance cover.