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Celebrity Fashion – Why Women Love To Dress Like Their Favorite Star


It is no secret that women have been copying styles of the rich and famous ever since the reign of Queen Victoria. Every woman wants to feel regal, and by imitating their favorite stars by dressing like them, they too can enjoy a feeling of royalty and fame.

Women are constantly re-evaluating their sense of self-worth, which most often is done through expressing themselves through the clothing they wear, the style and color of their hair, and which shade of lipstick to don, thus they look to their favorite celebrity as a sort of big sister from whom they can vicariously elicit advice on how to improve their looks. Women keep a close eye on all major red carpet events, read the latest gossip in the tabloids, watch video clips, and collect numerous photos of each and every wardrobe change or update pertaining to their favorite star. Whether it be hairstyles, seasonal fashions, jewelry, or makeup, stars have a direct influence on the wardrobe of the typical twenty-first century woman.

Dressing like a star immediately improves a woman’s popularity and affords an opportunity to compare herself to her peers. A woman seen dressed in an outfit that was influenced by a major celebrity figure tells others that she is well-informed, current, confident, and stylish.

Recently there has been a marriage between art and fashion, most notably by the surge in popularity of fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier, best known for designing custom outfits for pop superstar Madonna. Other designers such as Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger have made it possible for the average woman to be able to afford and more easily obtain a designer outfit or even a simple pair of jeans to make them feel closer to their idols.

Decade after decade women have looked to the stars for fashion guidance, from Grace Kelly’s full skirts of the 1950’s, to Jacqueline Kennedy’s pillbox hats of the 1960’s, to Madonna’s corsets of the 1990’s. By dressing like their favorite idol, women feel more empowered and in control of themselves and can more closely relate to what is currently happening in the world around them.

Celebrity inspired fashion is something that will never go away and is becoming all the more popular with reality TV shows and talent shows creating countless new celebrities to to be inspired by, meaning there is something for every woman out there to identify with and make her own.