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Improve Your Health Fitness With A Fun Exercise Program


Now that the warmer weather is upon us it’s a good time to improve your health fitness with a fun exercise program. If you already have a workout routine in place spring is a great time to mix it up. And, if you don’t have one – there’s no better time than the beginning of a new season to start a new exercise program.

A regular exercise program gives our lives balance especially if it’s the opposite of how we spend the rest of our day. For instance, if you’re self-employed you may enjoy the direction and social interaction of a group health fitness activity. If on the other hand, you have a boss dictating what you do all day you may prefer running or being a soccer coach where you’re in charge.

A regular exercise program also offers up additional stamina, stress relief and an abundance of health benefits. Not to mention, if you get up before your spouse and kids some time to yourself.

If you feel that you’re at your best first in the morning get yourself up and out before the rest of the family cracks an eyelid. In my view, there’s no better way to start your day than with a good workout.

That said, whether you prefer to do your health fitness program at sunrise, noon or sunset – the key to staying healthy and fit is to either bite the bullet and get started or shake things up enough so your workout routine never gets dull.

The best way to transform a stale exercise program is to make it fun. When exercise is enjoyed chances are we’ll do it more and at a higher level. Hence, better results for our efforts.

So, do what you enjoy most. Forget about what kinds of exercises burn the most calories or which type of workout routine your friends favour – just do something that puts a spring in your step.

If your exercise program is in need of a spring makeover try the following tips. And, if you need to ‘grow’ a whole new health fitness regime hopefully these ideas will inspire you to get started.

Better your own time. If you like solitary activities like running, walking, cycling or swimming raise the bar by setting new goals to better your time or number of laps. Consider also training for a competition.

Count your steps. Strap on a pedometer and start counting those steps. Fitness experts say that 10,000 steps a day is a good target.

Take up a new sport. If competition spurs you on consider joining a different team sport or participating in a one-on-one activity like tennis or badminton.

Involve the whole family. Grab a Frisbee and head to a local park or set up a volleyball net in your backyard. Encourage your kids ride their bikes whenever you go out for a run or walk the dog while your kids do their newspaper route.

Slip on some headphones. Upbeat music and a varied play list not only gives you an emotional boost and something to look forward to each time you workout but research suggests it also takes your mind off what you’re doing. The same goes for listening to self-improvement tapes or CD’s while you workout.

Laugh at yourself. Laughter is known to raise adrenaline levels which in turn allows for a more energetic workout. Listen to a comedy tape or if you’re a runner have a saying like “Catch Me If You Can” printed on the back of your T-shirt.

Alter your workout routine. If it’s your habit to turn left whenever you head out for a walk or run, turn right instead. Take a different path or do your usual route backwards.

Add interest with intervals. Vary your pace with a fartlek, Swedish for “speed play”. This technique is often used by runners looking to build their endurance via periods of intense effort alternated with periods of less strenuous activity in a continuous workout.

Start you own club. An exercise program is always more fun when it’s shared. If you can’t find anyone to walk or workout with start a group of your own. Talk to friends and neighbours and post signs in neighbourhood looking for like-minded individuals.

Treat yourself. Acknowledge your success and commitment to your health fitness by indulging in a good book, a night out with friends or purchasing some new workout gear.