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Morocco, Africa A Great Travel Destination


Are you considering a vacation to Africa? If so, make sure that you include the Kingdom of Morocco on your must see list!
About Morocco

Morocco is a tiny country located in North Africa right on the edge of the Sahara.
It is also a most unusual and romantic country, which makes it a great travel destination.
You can spend days getting lost in any of Morocco’s cities.
In fact, many of the cities in this handkerchief sized country have become synonymous with adventure and romance thanks to Hollywood.
Romantic Casablanca

Most people have heard of the city of Casablanca thanks to the old time movie by the same name. While it may not be as glamorous as Hollywood made it out to be, in many ways it is much better.
Casablanca makes a great travel destination for anyone who likes an air of mystery in their surroundings.
Marrakesh; an Old World Feel

Another city that is a great place to visit is the city of Marrakesh. Located right at the foot of the Atlas Mountains, Marrakesh is very scenic.
In fact, its twisting streets and marketplaces look like they might have been lifted right out of a story book.
But it isn’t just the city itself that brings people to this particular location.
Marrakesh is a great jumping off place if you are looking to hike into the Atlas Mountains.
There are plenty of travel groups that plan their tours from Marrakesh. Some of these tours are simple day trips.
Others are weeklong adventures into the heart of the mountain range.
Even if you simply decide to enjoy the view of the mountains from the city, there is no arguing that it is a wonderfully scenic location.
Tangier; Gateway to Africa

Another city that you will want to include in your travels to Morocco is the city of Tangier.
This picturesque city is located so close to the Sahara that you can actually see it.
Tangier is considered to be the €Gateway to Africa.’ From this city you can not only book tours to many other African cities; you can also take desert tours that will show you the Sahara up close and personal.
Why Travel to Morocco?
No matter what city you decide to visit while in Morocco, you will be charmed by the old world feel of the architecture.
You will also find it fascinating to hear a wide number of languages (primarily French, Moroccan Arabic and Berber) spoken.
This makes it feel very international.

Whatever you do, don’t forget to try real Moroccan food while you are visiting.
Real Moroccan food is not only a treat for the taste buds; it is also an experience in and of itself.
From the fresh, hot mint tea at the beginning of the meal to the powdered sugar cookies at the end, you’ll love every minute of it.
Also, if you can manage it, be sure that you stay in a €Riad’ a traditional Moroccan home that has been opened up to guests.
That way you will get the feel of what living in Morocco is all about.
From the truly international feeling of the country to the food and the picturesque scenery, Morocco is one of the most interesting travel destinations in Africa.
So if you are planning on visiting the Dark Continent, make sure to include this fascinating country on your itinerary.
You won’t be disappointed.