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Cambodia – Best Tours & Travel Destination


Cambodia has something for everyone- an interesting mix of old and new that merge together to form one of the best travel destinations in Asia. Be it adventure, sports, nature, ancient monuments, leisurely cruises on the water or city life, Cambodia travel offers you the opportunity to experience all of this in a single holiday. So choose the route you want to take and pack your bags for the most memorable holiday of your life.

Places to Visit in Cambodia

Cambodia travel offers some very interesting tourist attractions to the first timer as well as the repeat visitor. The ancient temple city of Angkor Wat is probably the most famous and sought after destination by tourists. This temple complex has enough history and architectural marvels to keep you occupied for many days. The cities of Battambang and Kampong Thom have played important roles in the cultural and political history of Cambodia and this is evident in the sights that they offer. The Kirirom National Park is home to many endangered species of animals and birds and offers a wonderful experience for the nature lover. Kampot is known for its sea food, Kratie is home to the freshwater dolphins, Mondulkiri is famous for its spectacular waterfalls and the city of Phnom Penh is a coming together of everything special in Cambodia tours.

Package Tours to Cambodia

Package tours that are offered by tour operators are a good option for those who do not have the time to plan their own trips. It also gives you the advantage of having somebody who knows the place well to plan your itinerary for you. Cambodia holidays can be a great experience if you decide to opt for one of these preset packages that take care of your travel, stay and sightseeing. Packages vary depending on the number of days, places that will be covered, kind of accommodation and travel required. Prices vary according to your requirements and are very affordable making Cambodia tours a possible destination for everybody.

Other Holiday Types

Some of the other holiday options that are available to people wanting to visit Cambodia include honeymoon packages that help you relax as well as visit the sights at your own pace. An eclectic mix of ancient charm combined with modern facilities will leave you wanting for more. If you thought Cambodia holidays are all about the ancient cities and temples then you are mistaken because the golf tours that you have in Cambodia are one of the best in Asia. Cruising is another major attraction in Cambodia. With 3 rivers running through the country, Cambodia offers some of the best views if you decide to opt for a lazy laid back tour of the country thorough its waters.