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Travel Bangladesh – Astonishing Travel Destinations in South Asia Region


South-Asia is the most populated region of the world, even though this region is one of the most charismatic and colorful place on earth. Of this region Bangladesh has the most natural landmarks which make Bangladesh a dream travel destination for tourists.


Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated country of the world but the people here are warm hearted and treat guests so cordially that guests don’t feel like they are outside of their home. This kind of hospitality can alone be a reason to travel to Bangladesh.


Not only the people nature here in Bangladesh is very kind and warm too. It has every element that a nature lover would crave for, like never ending sea, serpentine rivers, and enchanting jungles with plenty of variations of wild life.


In every aspects Bangladesh is unique. As it has the longest unbroken sandy sea-beach Cox’s Bazar, two of the major rivers of the world let alone Asia – Ganga and Bramhaputra flow through here. Also world’s largest mangrove forest Shundarbans and Royal Bengal Tiger are found here. Beside that Bangladesh hosts world’s biggest tea garden at Sylhet. So if anyone travels to Bangladesh can see all these fascinating top destinations of the world.


Bangladesh is very rich in history and culture which can be seen in the archeological finding. There are many historical sites in Bangladesh like Mahasthangarh, Pharpur, Maynamati, Shat Gombuj Mosque etc. These sites have given very important information of the past for evaluating the historical and cultural evolution of South Asia. To know more about the cultural tradition of south-Asia Bangladesh travel will help a lot.


All in all Bangladesh has every element to satisfy every type of tourists’ desire. So Travel Bangladesh will be a fascinating and learning journey through soothing nature and colorful culture. That means anyone wants to travel in South Asia region should travel to Bangladesh for maximum pleasure and comfort.