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New England Travel Destinations


New England is famous among summer tourists. Some of the best summer travel deals are offered by acclaimed tourist companies and travel agents. This US destination is well known for its plush inns and resorts. The hotels and resorts in this place are well decorated and are dedicated to offer excellent bed and breakfasts to their clients. The rocky coastlines and sandy beaches are picturesque. The lakes and mountains can let you feel that perhaps you have reached the right romantic destination, for which you have been waiting for so long. Here in this article we will be exploring some of the top romantic getaways at New England. Let’s have a look:

Berkshire Hills in Massachusetts:

The Berkshire Hills in western Massachusetts is one of the most popular tourist spots. This place is enriched with extended beaches. Usually these beaches stay crowded throughout the year. Moreover, this is a hiker’s paradise. Hiking through the hills and dense forests are some of the greatest accomplishments for the adventure lovers. Towns like Lenox and Stockbridge houses some of the historic inns. Traveling the rivers side, mountain ranges and discovering the panoramic views of the villages are some of the best outdoor activities during the day times. The nights can provide different charm in this US destination. If you are a music lover or enjoy drama performances, then you can experience a musical evening in the nearby theatre.

Acadia in Maine Region:

You need to travel more North to reach the Boothbay Harbor region. There are many shopping outlets in this region. Here in Maine, the coastlines are incredible and the villages are canvassed in such a beatific way, that you will feel like that you have reached the paradise. You can travel along these valleys cycling and by carriages. Travelers, particularly honeymooners love to walk down the calm streets and rustic roads of this US destination. Hiking in the mountainous roads and forests can be an incredible experience. If you want to drive down the scenic roads, that is also a great idea similar to the others. The most attractive nearby locations are Deer Isle on the Penobscot Bay, and this goes straight to the historic villages of Stonington and Castine. If you want to travel the fishing villages, then following the Schootic Peninsular you can take Route 1 and this is how you can enter the fishing villages. These are harbor regions and closer to the Canadian borders. The catchy romantic getaways here are Acadia National Park’s and of course the port region.

The district of New Hampshire is also a great destination of romantic getaway. Visiting the foliage area of the White Mountain Regions can be a breathtaking experience for you and your partner. This place is considered as one of the most significant romantic getaways in the region of New England. Often the off season summer travel deals [http://www.travour.com/summer-travel-deals.html] in this place can be a great chance for you.